Since 2010, Kurorten Health resort is a Nordic Swan Ecolabeled resort. This is something we are very proud of and we would actaully like to thank you for staying with us. Your choice means that you support our work towards becoming a more and more eco-friendly hotel-spa and conference resort. The Swan Ecolabel means that we have on ongoing environment work in which we regurarly keep track of our use of energy, water, cleaning products, consumer goods and combustible waste products. Every year, we set new environmental goals to reduce our use of resources and effect on the environment. For example, we have renewable electricity, we sort out our household waste, we use ecolabeled products as much as possible for washing, cleaning, dishing, sanitary articles, paper and decorations. 

We are a Nordic Swan Ecolabeled resort
We are a Nordic Swan Ecolabeled resort

In our spa, we use an organic skincare brand called Maria Åkerberg, which is made in Sweden with natural ingredients to preserve both people and natur, and as our conference guest you use ecolabeled note books, whiteboard pens and flipcharts.  

In our restaurant you might have noticed that we do not use disposable articles and we have a great supply of organic and locally produced  goods. As our guest you can also make contributions to a cleaner environment by using your towel and bathrobe one day extra,  leave your empty batteries in the hotel reception and turn the lights out and the TV off when you leave the room.

Thank you again for choosing to stay with us and therefore make an effort for the environment!

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