Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our gift cards

  • I want to buy a gift card, how do I go about this?

Lovely! The easiest way is to buy your gift card directly from our web page, follow this link. You are also welcome to visit us during the reception opening hours and buy one at our front desk.

  • My gift card is about to expire, can it be extended?
    We do not extend gift cards. The gift card can be used in all our facilities such as in the restaurant, to eat here or buy take away, in our spa, both spa access and in our shop. If you want to book a spa treatment after the gift card has expired, we can charge the gift card at the time the booking is made, (this must be done before it expires). Re-booking can only be made after having shown a doctor's certificate. If cancelling, no refund is made.

  • Can I trade my gift card for cash or for a new gift card if it is about to expire?
    No, gift cards cannot be traded for cash or for new gift cards.

  • I have lost my gift card. Is there still somehow I can use it?
    Your gift card is a document of value and we need your specific gift card number to be able to use it as payment. If you still have the receipt, we might be able to help you to print a copy of your gift card.

  • I have wellness allowance from my emloyer. Can I buy i gift card for this money?
    Yes you can, the gift card will then be valid for massage-and foot treatments (not pedicure) and gym-and swimming pool training, since these activities are classified as wellness training by Skatteverket. The gift card is personal! See also the site Wellness training for our different clipboards you can by for the wellness allowance!