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Health resort

To pay a visit to Mösseberg Health resort is to walk in footsteps of many well-known names. Celebrities from all over the world have enjoyed the beautiful nature, delicous food and relaxing baths for more than a century. Albert Engström, Madame Kollontay, Wilhelm Moberg, Thor Modéen och Erik "Bullens pilsnerkorv" Berglund are just a few prominent persones who have been staying at out hotel.

We offer you spaciously living with a big breakfast buffet served every morning in the restaurant. The spa area is within a bathrobe-dressed walk´s distance from all rooms in the main building. Most of our rooms have balconies with a view over the park and three of them are decorated in Cittaslow-style, which means that all the materials and details are locally collected from around this area, Falbygden. Welcome to leave your own mark in this historical setting!